Atlantic Dental Practice

NHS & Private Dental Treatment

Mission Statement

  • We aim to provide all our patients with the best possible NHS and private dental care within a friendly, sympathetic and professional environment. 
  • We will maintain the highest possible standards of clinical and personal care and use the latest methods and technology.

  • We want all of our patients to feel that they are treated as individuals and their interests and expectations are fully listened to and met by our staff.

  • We will ensure our patients understand all their treatment options so that they can make choices and be sure the treatment is right for them.

  • We will always ensure that our patients fully understand what treatments are available within the NHS and what any associated charges are.

  • We will ensure our patients are aware when treatment is private and what the full charges are before any treatment commences.

  • With all of these comittments to you we are sure you are treated fairly and honestly



Atlantic Dental Practice

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